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ly its desire to indulge to the utmost treating with a country so mtimately connected and allied with Great-Britain as the kingdom of the Nethelands.

It is the more satisfactory to the lords of the Committee to feel themselves enabled to recommend this course to H. M.'s government as they trust the assurance of our readiness to act upon it, when notified to the Netherland government, will lead to the immediate removal of all the discriminating duties now levied on british goods and stopping in the ports of that kingdom and to the adoption on both saies of the principles of retiprocity as already proposed to the Netherland government under the act of parliament of the last session »), thereby reheving their lordships from the exercise of a painful duty, which but for such expectation they could not longer postpone: that of submjtting to H. M. an order in council retaliaring upon the goods and shipping of the Netherlandsthe ahen duty of 10 %, levied in the ports of that country ;upon the goods and shipping of Great-Britain since the first of January 1823.

No. 76. — 1824, Juni 15. — CANNING AAN FALCK2).

The undersigned has the honour to inclose toM. de Falck a minute of the conference ») held yesterday between H. E. on the one side and the undersigned and the president of the Board of Trade4) on the otiiet, which the undersigned trustsM. de Falck will findtocontain an accurate account of what passed in that conference, and which H.E. willprobably wishtobeenabledto transmitto his court.

In reference to baron Fagel's official note of June 18235) the undersigned has no difficulty in assuring M. de Falck that the british government will be ready to enter upon a négotiation for a newarrangment of commerce between the two countries upon the principle proposed by him and accededto in the mmuteof the Board of Trade •), as soon as the Netherland government shall have agreed to a convention for abating all ó&criminating duties upon goods and shipping on both sides, in conformity to the conventions with Pmssia, Hanover') etc, which have been communicated to M. de Falck.

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