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thereby that the victualler assures you that there is shipped from the llth of May for 4 moneths and beefe for six weeks more, and porke one moneth more, which is intented speedily to be compleated, the only difficulty you say is caske, and sticks on workemanshipp and not upon materialls. Wee have been forced to cast much caske away before the fight and make roome for the wounded men, care was taken to dehver all the empty caske to the victualler, and wee doe desire that the victualler give order to his deputy here that he faile not to send boates to each shipp to call for the empty caske from time to time and wee shall give strict order to have them delivered. If the deputy victualler be not carefull of that they wilbe lost, for wee must cleere the Decks of all empty caske when wee come to fight, or wee cannot use our guns, and the hold must be cleered for our wounded men. This you know very well. Sir I perceive that concerneing the beere and water you doe not rightly understand us for wee desire that the 1500 tuns of water caske may be sent us as wee did before and that wee may have 4 moneths of wett and dry provisions and neoessarys of wood and candles for that time, and this to be- kept upp compleate untill wee sett saile, that when wee goe out, wee may have four moneths of all in our stoares, and seing it wilbe much for his Majesties service that wee bee sooner out then the Dutch, wee desire that there may be provisions sent to the fleete that our stores may be full for four moneths begining the same from the 30tn of Junejby which time I am confident if the yards be industrious and the victualler carefull to supply us as desired wee shalbe ready to sett saile If you send the quantity of water caske I conceive it wilbe best to' send them full, and wee will take care to fill them afterwards here I desire that the 64 ketches may be sent which is four for the Royall Oharks and 20 for each squadron, and with them and the victuallers wee hope to be able to carry water for four moneths and soe take care that each shipp be provided either by the ketches or victuallers And whereas you mention that the water caske are taken out of the Elizabeth and beere caske put instead, it is very likly to be soe and wilbe soe againe untill the victualler doe furnish each shipp'with water caske according to the proportion of 1500 tuns. And then wee shalbe able to furnish ourselves with water and not returne the caske againe. I likewise desire that the 24 victuallers may be provided and that in the meane time between this and the 30 June you make use of them to bring provisions to the fleete. Wee have here ketches that were sent with 200 souldiers which shalbe disposed of. I desire that Sir John Mennes may be sent with money to pay the remainder of the fleete, for they will doe be much discouraged. They began to grumble because they went to sea before they were paid, I beleife it will not come to much for them and the tickets too. Now Sir lcrave