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The Chairman had said that it was quite time this poaching nuisance was stopped. Punch, No. 3995, 666.

It is certainly time that a definite term was set to our commitments in Russia. Westm. Gaz, No. 8221, 26. 23. Obs , a). The ordinaty substitutes for the subjunctive or conditional in these subordinate statements are periphrases with shall, or the conditional should, the latter being the milder and by far the more frequent, and often approaching the meaning of should in He should (i. e. ought to) come. The arrangement of the following quotations is on the same principle as in 20, a).

He has to judge whether it is advisable that repairs in any farm-buildings shall be undertaken this year or shall be postponed until the next. Escott, E n g I a n d, Ch. III, 30. The best change for them all (sc. the nationalities to be set up in Eastern Europe) is that they should start demilitarised. Westm. Gaz., No. 8098, la.

Until I come to you it will be better that you should not try to come to me. Hardy, T e s s, V, Ch. XXXVII, 327. The one condition of descriptive poetry is that it shall have distinctivety human connections and human interests. Gummere, H a n d b k. of P o e t, 29.

It is not fair that I should suffer for other people's misconduct. Sweet, N. E. G r, § 2295.

It is imperattve that the Government should take some immediate step in the direction of Irish self-government. Westm. Gaz., No. 8103, 4a.

It is just that they should pay compensation in kind.Westm. Qaz, No. 8046, 16.

In such a time as this it is not meet | That every nice offence should bear his comment. Shak., J u I. Caes., IV, 3, 8.

i. It will be necessary also that the medlcai management of the two shall be combined. G. Eliot, MI d, Ch. LXVII, 506. It is necessary that the Nationalists shall be absolutely independent. G r a p h.

It is necessary that a few of the Strand shops shall be pillaged. Times.

ii. It is not necessary that every one should be first-rate — either actresses or singers. G.Eliot, Dan. Der, I,III,Ch.XXIII,383.

i. What is needed for the transformation of the Legislatures, both of the Old World and the New, is that the electors shall change their ideals. G r a p h.

ii. For the stability of a figure it is needful that the perpendi- cular from the centre of gravity — 'the line of direction", as

it is called —should fall within the base of support. Spencer, E d u c, Ch. I, 32a.