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i. It is also suggested that the Saar Valley question shall be settled by givlng France the right to exploit the coal-mines. Westm. Gaz, No. 8046, 16.

ii. The Morning Post suggests that Japanese troops should be brought over. Eng. Rev, No. 110, 70.

Note. To suggest takes the ordinary indicative future in thesense of to give it as one's opinion. Thus in: They welcome the investigation ot internal Russian conditions, and suggest that this will be more authoritative if carried out by the Council of the League of Nations. Westm. Gaz, No. 8321, 2a. b) In narrating past events should is, of course, the only posible modal auxiliary.

The carrier., proposed that my pocket- h an dker ch ief should be spread upon the horse's back to dry. Dick, Cop, Ch. V, 32a. II. Also the indicative seems to be occasionally used, especially in colloquia! language.

You propose that Ellean leaves Highercoombe almost at once and remains with you some months. Pinero, The Second Mrs Tanqueray, II. (92).

26. In literary English the subjunctive is fairly common in subordinate statements expressing what is the subject of a person's care or solicitude.

Take heed the Queen come not within hissight. Shak, Mids, II, 1, 19. Let good Antonio look he keep his day. Id, Merch, of Ven, II 8, 21.

Look that he hlde no weapon. Sweet, N. E. G r, § 2273. Remember that you call on me to day. Shak, Jul. Caes, II, 1,723. Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath-day. Book of Common P r a y e r.

I mean to see . . that justice be done to the poor of the city of Barchester generally. Trol, The W a r d e n, Ch. VI, 73. See that eveiything be in readiness. Mason, Eng. Gram.'m, 192, N. See there be no traitors in your camp. Sweet, N. E. G r, § 2273.

27. Obs. I, d) Periphrasis with shall, or occasionally should as a milder

variant and implying propriety etc, as in the connexions mentioned in 21, Obs. I, a, is the ordinary substitute for this subjunctive.

i. Boney will take care that it (sc. the fight) shall be a hard one. Thack, Van. Fair, 1, Ch. XXIV, 242. I will take care that you shall learn all .you want to know. Shaw, You never can teil, I, I. (225). There is only one way to ensure that committees shall be formed in such a way as to conform to a prescribed model. The New Statesman, No. 252, 419a. What is the best way to make sure that such things as