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sentence with a (periphrastic) conditional (13/), the predicate in the latter being mostly an indicative or imperative, or one with may or some such verb; 6) that hypothetical clauses with were to, on the other hand, are mostly connected with a consequent sentence with a (periphrastic) conditional, the predicate in the latter being only exceptionally an indicative or imperative. Should. i. I would not believe it, unless I should see it. Mason, Eng. Oram.34, § 434.

If the sun and moon should doubt, | They'd immediately go out. Blake (Eng. Rev., No. 60, 573).

ii • If one of these (sc. sons of the soil) should be a little uncouth in speech, and apt to utter impertinent truths, he confesses that he . is a real John Buil. Wash. Irv, Sketch-Bk, XXIX, 309. But should he venture upon the dark story of their wrongs and wretchedness,... posterity will either turn with horror and increduiity from the tale, or blush with indignation at the inhumanity of their forefathers, ib. XXVII, 289.

He apparentiy thought it as well to say nothing in case he should, get the worst of it Dick., P i c k w, Ch. XXXVII, 344. I had promised a dozen of them a treat down the river, should the promised riches have come to me. Thack, Sam. Titm, Ch.II, 20. Even should I take you at your word, it is hardly sufficiënt ground for [etc.]. Edna Lyall, D o n, II, 25. T.

I'll Just put it (sc. the letter) away safely in case Martha should ever want it. Dor. Qerard, Exotic Martha, Ch. VI, 68. D o n 't forget that there is a British consul at Batavia— just in case you should get into diffïculties. ib, 80.

If it (sc. the evil) should rise again, as the prophets of gloom say it will, then it will have to be put down again. Westm. Gaz., No.8086,9a. The real change lies in the future character of war, should war occur. ib.

** If he should come while i am out, ask him to walt Sweet, Spoken Eng, 39.

If you should happen to see him, teil him to expect me this evening about eight. id, N. E. Gr, N. 2291.

Should her appearance be inquired after, let it be said that she had reddish blond hair. O. Eliot, Dan. Der., II, IV, Ch. XXVIII, 68. If, by any chance, you should come across any of my people, explain to them that you are my guest Rich. Baoot, Darnely Place, I, Ch. V, 69.

*** If; perchance, some dubious memorial of them (sc. the Indians) should survtve, it may be in the romantic dreams of the poet, to people in imagination his glades and groves. Wash. Irv, SketchB k, XXVII, 289.

w e r e t o. I. If we were to miss the train, it would be very awkward. Sweet, Spoken Eng, 44.