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i. Take any form but that, and my firm nerves shall never tremble Shak, M a c b, III, 4, 102. (= Whatever form you (may) take).

A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, | That, seek through the world, is not met elsewhere. Payne, Home Sweet Home, I.

You couldn't get a place, come ever so early. Thack, N e w c, I, Ch. XXV, 285.

ii. Well, she's asleep now; and have you a hundred gallants, neither they nor you can insult her any more. Hardy, Return of the N a t i v e, V, Ch. III, 409.

61. Some idomatic imperatives deserve special mention.

a) Catch mei (or Catch me at iti) Murray, s. v. catch, 40. (= You won't catch me doing it. See Jespersen, N e g a t i o n, 29).

b) Fancy marrying a woman of a low rank of life, and havlng your house filled with her confounded tag-rag-and-bob-tail relationsl Thack, P e n d, I, Ch. VII, 85.

Fancy flnding you in the train! Punch.

c) 1) Look, where he has not turned his colour and has téars in's eyes. Shak, H a m 1, II, 2, 542.

Look, here he comes. Lonof, Span. S t u d, II, VI. Look here, if A broke B's head, then A's girl was a pretty girl; but if B broke A's head, then A's girl was not a pretty girl, but B's girl was. Jerome, Idle T h o u g h t s, V, 80. T. 2) Look you, Master Wyatt, | Tear up that woman's work there. Ten , Q u e e n M a r y, II, 1, (595a).

Look ye, said I, I must not rashly give my Judgment. Steele, T a t1 e r, No. 34.

LooKee, Jack, I have heard thee sometimes talk like an Oracle, ib, No. 206.

d) Say I should succeed at the Bar, is that fame which would satisfy my longings? Thack, Pend, II, Ch. XXXVI, 380. (Say has the value of a conjunction).

Early in the week, or say Wednesday, you might do what you know of, if you feit disposed to try it Dick, Great E x p e c t, Ch. LU, 494.

Suppose now that we have arrived at the pronunciation of our placename as it was, say, a thousand years ago. Henry Bradi.ey, Eng. P i a c e-N a m e s, 10. (Say has the value of an adverb.) The widow, sir came with her money: nine hundred and four, ten and six — Say 904 1. 10 s. 6 d. Thack, Sam. Titm, Ch. II, 16.

e) 1) If there be a quarrel in the market to-morrow, see if I do not — Kinosley, Westw. H o 1, Ch. V, 386 (= I certainty shall.. )

2) See you, sir... I have changed my garb from that of a farrier to a serving-man. Scott, K e n i I w, Ch. XII.

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