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The King, attended by the hon. John Ward, visited to-day King Edward VII Hospital. ib.

In the Reichslag to-day the debate on the Army Bill was continued.

The eviction proceedings at Glenbeigh were suspended to-day in consequence

of the severity of the weather.

In the following quotation the perfect states a fact which is not part of the day's happenings.

Lady Iddlesleigh bore the journey fairly well, and favourable reports of her health have come from Upton Pynes this evening. The floral wreaths and crosses which were received in Exeter to-day were so numerous that they filled a large omnibus. Daily News.

103. Phrases containing the preposition within, such as within the last few weeks, years, etc, necessarily include the moment of speaking and, accordingly, cause de predicate to be placed in the perfect.

President Wilson's administration has within the last few weeks been overwhelmed with discredit. Rev. of Rev, No. 360, 369a. Liberals... can refer back with confidence to what has been achieved in South Africa within our own time. Westm. Gaz, No. 8263, 2a.

104. Also such adjuncts. as before, formerly, in former times, in the past, in past times, previously, etc, which cover the entire past, normally cause the predicate to be placed in the perfect fense.

i. You are an older hand at this than I thought you, Tupman, you have been out before. Dick, Pickw., Ch. XIX, 166.

Your voice betraysyou. We Aave met before. Lytton, Ken. Chil, I, 75. T. The work is not new to London, but it has only been given once before. 11. L o n d. N e w s, No. 3857, 3826.

Among the floral tributes sent was a wreath of true Greek laurel from Mr. G. F. Watts, R. A, with this message from Mrs. Watts, "It comes from our garden, and has been cut before three times only — For Tennyson, Leighton and Burne-Jones." Ruskin's Funeral (Acad, 1900, 27 Jan, 75).

ii. They are made to see the necessity of employing the rest of their lives in repairing the injuries they have formerly done to society. More, Utopia, 71. I've seen many a gentleman drunk formerly. Thack, Pend.

iii. Some worship such men as have been eminent in former times for virtue. More, Utopia, 149.

It was one of those epidemie frenzies which have fallen upon great cities in former ages of the world. Hall Caine, The Christian, II, 205. T. In fact we have given up the idea, which has been prevalent in former days, that a woman is an outlander by predestination. Daily News, 1907, 9 March. This is not the way in which great questions of finance have been dealt with in former times. Sir W. Harcourt, Speech.

iv. If it (sc spelling reform) were prescribed with never so much care, it would soon be deviated from in the future just as it Aas been in the past. Skeat. Not. and Quer, 1904, 17. Dec.

You will always do your duty as your predecessors Aai* done in the past. Daily News, 1899, 11 Nov.

v. I have in times past more than once taken my political life in my handsDa i I y T e 1, 1903, 8 Sept.