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No. I. — 1813, December 13. — CLANCARTY AAN VAN DER DUYN VAN MAASDAM l).

The undersigned, H. B. M.'s ambassador extraordinary and rninister plenipotentiary to H. S. H., the prince of Orange, has the honor to acknowlegde the receipt of his S. H.'s proclamation of the yth December!) forwarded by direction of H. Exc. M. van der Duyn van Maasdam, and requests information upón the following points, respecting the british trade with the United Provinces of the Low Cotmtries.

By this proclamation all matters of trade are generally referred to the tariff of 1725») and to the alterations thereof, enacted prior to the unfortunate introduction of french influence and power into this industrious and valuable nation.

. By these laws and ordinahces, as they formely existed, it ik mv« derstood, that the importation by foreigners of refined sugars, teas and other East-Badia goods was either proWbited or a prohibitory duty waited upon them, the fitst' fbr the purpose of protecting the dutch sugar refineries, the latter in favour of the dutch East-India Company.

The loss of her coloniès during the state of war, in which this nation has lately been unfortunately engaged with <5reat-Britain, ha ving cut off the means of supplying her sugar refineries with the raw material and put an end to her East-India Company, it is desirable to know, first, whether refined sugars will be admitted fromthe United Kingdom, and on what duties? Secondly, whether teas will be so admitted and also the duties payable the-,

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Posthumus. j