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N0i 47. _ j.822, Januari 8. — clancarty aan londonderry \

I have learned that a petition was presented to the Second Chamber on the 23* Novemberlast by the owners of iron-nünes and foundries in the province of Namur for a further protecting duty on the importation of foreign iron. What may be the course intented to be pursued on this particular subject by the executive government, with whom it rests to propose all new matter to the legislature, it isdifficulttosay,because the new tariff of duties under the proposed finance system is not yet arranged, but is actuahy in secret discussion before the Councü of State, and between the king and his nhnisters; a subject upon which, as I have some reason to beheve, all the members of the king's councü are not quite of the same opinion.

I amfar from thinking itunlikely that upon this very subject of iron it may mtimately be determined to put a further protecting duty in favour of the home manufactures, or perhaps even to go further, even to prohibitory duty, or prohibition altogether. For though by the principle of the law of the i2th July last ■) (the foundation upon which the whole fabric of the new finance, system is to rest, 6 per cent is generally laid down as the maximum of protecting duty, yet Y. L. is aware that an exception is reserved upon some (and unspecified) artides, which may very well be made to cover any expess of duty on the import of foreign non, even to prohibition. And if this last effect is to be worked out by this government through the medium of high duty, however questionable the policy, I ara not aware that we could directly make any

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