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M.'s government, but for that of the long of the Netherlands to decide. I shall therefore merely observe that the f orce of the alleged reason upon which such a suggestiohtappears to have been enttov tained (viz. that of the difficulty stated to exist of preventmg a contraband trade into the interior, by the relanding of such articticles for internal nse) appears to be greatiy overrated, and that it is to be apprehended that the only resuhs of an attempt to esta* bhsh a prohibition would be anincreased activity inattemptsto evade it.

But the power itself, as I have suggested, may be deemed more than doubtful, at least so far as relates to the principles of that part of the act of Congress1), which regards the free navigation of rivers passing through more than one state, and particularly where the other states have not been consulted. At allevents it would be highly desirable to avoid, if possible, the staring of this question at present, and as it is manifestly to the advantage of the king of the Netherlands by every means to encourage the transit trade through his kingdom and most especiaUy, when from circumstances perhaps unavoidable it has for so long a period been directed into other channels.it is hoped that H. M. will reconsider this point prior.tó the exactment of those laws, which are to give • force and efficiency to his new finance system.

I have thought it advisable to state these observaüons to Y. Exc. at this time. There may perhaps be othere, with which it does not appear to me to be necessary at present to troubleyou. But the principal object I have had in view is that you should use your tfscretibn in communicating these remarks confidentially to the king of the Netheflands, who will no doubt with that überaüty, for which H. M. is distinguished, do justice to the motives by which they have been dictated.

Y Exc. is likewise authorised to make a similar conndential communication, with H. M.'s permission, to the baron de Nagell and to such of the other ministers of the Netherlands government as H. M. may think proper to point out*).

bruarfio"Ingediend. (R. A., Buitenlandsche Zaken, exh. 2i F.bn»ri i8aa, no. 61.)