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The enclosed extract of that tariff points out the several articles, the transit of which to the interior of the continent by the rivers of the Netherlands has been thus prohibited. This prohibition on the part of His Netherland Majesty appears to the king's government to militate directly against that part of the act of the congress of Vienna, which estabhshes the free navigation of rivers passing through more than one state 1). The arrangement provided in that act had for its object the entire freedom of commerce; this object is distinctly expressed in the second article of the general regulations for the free navigation of rivers and in the first article of the annexe „concerning the navigation of the Rhine" *).

Y. G. will readily perceive that, if it shall permitted to the maritime power, ha ving controle over the mouth of a river, to shut that mouth against certain articles, there can be no reason why the exercise of this power, should not be carried toany extent and thus the object of the act of Congress in this respect be completely frustated.

H, M.'s government, therefore, deem it requisite that Y. G. should represent to the powers, now assembled at Verona, parties to the act of congress of Vienna, the opinion which they entertain on the subject of the prohibitions of this tariff and ttrge the expediency of taking steps to remedy the evil aheady exis«ting, and to prevent the recurrence of similar enactments in future.

It is left to Y. G. to decide in What matter this object can best be obtained: whether by a joint declaration on the part of the principal powers, who signed the act of Congress, or otherwise.

Y. G. is wel aware of the peculiar interest which the Crown of Prussia must take in this af fair from the position of a considerable part of its territory, and consequently you will best be able to judge of the expediency of previous communication upon it with the ministers of that court at Verona, as well, as possibly, with those of France and the other states, whose territories border upon the Rhine.

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