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to adress to me yesterday, I have to state that it would be my wish and intention to propose to Y. Exc. to resumé our conferences on the subject of a commercial convention between our two governments, as soon after the Eastern holidays») as circumstances may permit, as I hope by that time to be able to form an opinon of the feelings and views of the commercial and manufacturing classes as well as of the public generally, in respect to the proposals which I have feit it my duty to submit to parliament on the part of H. M. 's governement and how far it may be necessary to modify any of the intended alterations in our commercial system, in justice to any of the interests, which are likely to be affected by those alterations.

Y. Exc. will perceive that it will be desirable for the mutual interest of our respective countries, that we should enter upon those conferences not only in respect to the colonial trade, but also for the ajustment of several points, which would otherwise be left in an unsatisfactory state in the direct intercourse between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In further conformation of this view of the subject, I have to remark to Y .Exc.'that in relaxing generally and to the extent, which I have stated in parliament, the restrictions which, either by high duties or prohibitions, we bad imposed on 'the commodities and productions of othér countries, the kings government reserves to itself, in the fullest manner, the right of making further and specific arrangements with any friendly state upon the principle of reciprocity; and that it is intended that the new scale of diminished duties, which I have proposed, should be augmented 7S in respect to any country, which refuses to give full effect to the principle of our reciprocity-acts in respect to equalizing the duties on ships and goods, whether imported in a british or in a national vessel, or which, subject to the condition of reciprocity on our part, shall decline to place our commerce and navigation in all other respects upon the footing of the most favoured nation.

No. 108. — 1825, Maart 29. — falck aan van reede »).

Inde bijlage dezes») heb ik getracht van de belangrijke voorstel-

J) In 1825 viel Pascnen op 3 April.

') r. A., Waterstaat 2567. ») Weggelaten.