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No. 128. — 1825, Augustus 9. — HUSKISSON AAN falck >).

I was sorry to perceive by yoor confidential letter of the 3th. inst.a), that you still find it a matter of great difficulty to come to a sarisfactory commercial arrangement with the Netherlands.

I should not take the liberty of insisting on your considering my proposals again, if I could not add to them a distinct declaration on points which, as it appears to me, you did not think quite clear, when writing the said letter. i°. We can have no objection whatever to the advantages, which may be stipulated in favour of the Netherlands, being equally enjoyed by countries entitled by treaty to the rights of the most favoured nation. 2°. We are prepared to af ford to the british industry on our markets facilities corresponding to those we may eventually obtain for ours, and as soon as you will find it convenient to furnish me with a list of the objects for which your merchants think a further reduction of our duties can be wanted, I shall lose no timeinrecommending it to the careful examination of my government. According to my official dispatches our ministers are still deliberating on the question of opening the trade of the WestIndies, but if I may guess from what I know about the persons they speak with I firmly beheve that the result will be such as you and I wish for. —

No. 129. — 1825, October 5/7. —! elout en


Voor het oogenblik schijnt 'het onderwerp

der vaart op de West-Indische bezittingen eene meer bijzondere behandeling te vorderen.

De beide ondergeteekenden hebben over dit bepaald onderwerp tezamen geraadpleegd, en het is de slotsom hiervan, hetwelk zij bij deze de eer hebben aan Uwe Exc. mede te deelen.

De tweede ondergeteekende heeft daartoe aan den eersten

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s) R. A., Buitenlandsche Zaken, exh. 24 December 1825, no. 3G.