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But supposing France, the only nation that comes in competition with them in point of vicinity and of promptitude of intercourse, to decline (as it probable she will do) ») the facilities holden out to her by England, and to incur (as in that case she infaUibly will) the penalty of increased duties, then the relative advantage of the Netherlands over her neighbour and principal rival will be to the full as great, will, in effect, be prëcisely the same, as if it had been secured to the Netherlands by possitive stipulation.

Having stated that France may probably decline to avail herself of the new system of this country, the undersigned takes this opportunity of observing to M. Falck that, in his note of the 28tk of July last *), H. E. has mistaken the extent of the powers reserved to H. M. by the act of the last session, in assuming that the additional duties, which H. M. is enabled to impose upon the productions of countries, which do not act with reciprocity towards us, can only be levied upon importations in foreign ships, and that they would not attach to the like productions imported in british bottoms. No such limitation exists. H. M. is empowered not only to impose corresponding duties of tonnage upon the ships of all countries, which exact alien duties upon british shipping (and these duties are now actually levied upon french ships), but also to impose additional duties, in the proportion of one f if th of the existing duties, upon the productions and manufactures, however imported, of all countries, which do not treat this country upon the footing of the most favoured nation and fulfil towards us the other conditions of reciprocity specified in the acts of the last session.

After this general exposition of the différence of the state, in which things stand now from that in which they stood last year, when the note of the undersigned, to which M. Falck recalls his attention, was written, the undersigned has only to add the assurance of his desire and of that of Mr. Huskisson, H. M.'s joint plenipotentiary, to come, as soon as possible, to an arrangement of those points, which may still be the object of particular stipulation, and to conclude and sign with M. Falck a treaty conformable to the projet'), which has been placed in H. E.'s hands.

*) Frankrijk heeft dit niet geweigerd, zie het scheepvaartverdrag met Engeland van 26 Januari 1826. *) No. xai. ') No. 115.