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In setting the example of an enlarged principle of commerce by abrogating that différence, which had so long prevailed in onr system, not only in respect to the above mentioned articles, but also to many other productions of the Netherlands, the legislature of this country never entertained a doubt that this voluntary concession would be cheerfully met by a concident repeat of the few discriminating duties, which have of late years only been introduced into your tariff to the prejudice of english navigation.

The abrogation therefore on our part is general and absolute from the $th of January next and if the legislature by the same law, which provided this abrogation, enabled the Crown to add one fifth to the existing duties upon the commerce and navigation of all countries, which continued to maintain disaiminating duties to our disadvantage, it never occurred to us, that the Netherlands (apart even from its general relations of friendly connexion with this country) would upon a simple comparison between the many discriminating duties repealed by us and the few, which the Netherland government have recently imposed, be the first to compel us to resort to this power of retaliation.

We trouble Y. Exc. with this explanation, first, because we think it very material to set Y. Exc. right, as to the fact of the discontinuance of all discriminating duties wathever on our side, after the fifth of next month, and secondly because we are confident, that Y. Exc. must on the knowledge of that fact at once perceive, that this discontinuance by the ordinary effect of the law, leaves us after Y. Exc. 's declaration of yesterday absolutely without any other alternative than that of supplying the corrective, which the same law has pointed out, if discriminating duties shall after the $th January be continued in the Netherlands.

No. 142. — 1825, December 25. — falck aan

canning en huskisson1).

D'après la lettre *) que V. Exc. ont bien voulu m'adresser, je

>) r. a., 008. Falck, 96. Ook Waterstaat «567. *) No. 141.