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a. c. amnion cavity. m. u. muscularis uteri.

all. allantoisrudiment, muc. mucosa uteri.

amn. anmion. o. v. optie vesicle.

a. v. bloodvessels of the area vasculosa. per. pericard.

b. 1. bloodlacunes. pl. p. placental pad. b.v. bloodvessels. p. pi. placental pit.

b. t, brain tube. pl.tr. plasmoditrophoblast.

c. a. central artery of the placenta. pr.a. proamnion.

eer. pl. cerebral plate. pr. str. primitive streak.

c. t. m. connective tissue of the mucosa uteri. rh. rhombencephalon.

ch. m. chordal mesoderm. ' s. amn. somatic amnion.

c. tr. cytotrophobast. s. c. syncytial clusters.

d. cl. dermatic (trophospongial) clusters. s. m. somatic mesoderm.

e. c, embryonic coeloma. som. somites.

ep. epiblast. s. t. syncytial tissue of the placental pad.

ex.c. exocoeloma. T. trunkregion.

f. b.v. foetal bloodvessels and capillaries. Ta. tailregion. f. ep. formative epiblast. tr. trophoblast.

f.g. foregut. tr.d. trophoderm (ectoplacenta).

f. pl. p. false placental pad. tr.d. b.1. trophodermal bloodlacunes.

h. heartrudiment. tr.sp. trophospongia.

hy. hypoblast. tr.sp. bl. trophospongial bloodlacunes.

m. a. maternel arteries. tr. st. transitional stages between uterine capillaries

m. a. b.1. maternel arterial bloodlacunes. and syncytial clusters.

m. b.1. maternel bloodlacunes. u. e. uterine epithelium.

med. medullary tube. u. g. glands.

mes.c. mesencephalon. umb. vesicle.

mes. gr. mesometrical groove. v. m. ventral mesoblast.

mes.m. mesometrium. v. o.m. venae omphalomesentericae.

PLATE IV—V. N°. 2a. of the catalogue.

Fig. 1. Section through the vaginal part of the uterine swelling. The germinal vesicle has not vet appeared. Uterine epithelium (u. e.) and uterine glands (u. g.) hatched, connective tissue of the mucosa of the uteri dotted, bloodvessels and capillaries presented by a black tone. X 50 (2/3).

Fig. la. A part of the preceding section under high power X 180 (2/3).

Fig. 2. Section through the gestation-sack in the region of the embryonic area. The latter has been cut in obliquely sagittal direction. Formative epiblast, trophoblast, bloodvessels and syncytial clusters presented by a black tone, germinal mesoblast, outer muscular layer and connective tissue of the uterine mucosa dotted, uterine epithelium and glands hatched, hypoblast presented by a continuous line with black dots. X 35 (2/3).

Fig. 3. Section through the gestation-sack to the left side of the embryonic area. A spacious exoecoeloma is present. Its outer wall has not get united with the true placental pad. Mesoblast presented by "a dotted line. X35(V,).

Fig. 4. Section through the embryonic margin of the placenta. The placental cushion projects into the exocoeloma. Trophospongia dotted, syncytial clusters doublé hatched, cytotrophoblast distinguished from plasmoditrophoblast by the presence of schematic cell-limits, mesoblastic covering of the cushion presented by a continuous line with black dots. X 100 (2/3).

Fig. 5. Section through the mid-placental region of the gestationsack. The inverse trophodermal cone with deep central pit single hatched, the syncytial clusters distinguished from the further trophospongia by a much denser dotting. X 35 (*/»)•