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They have resolved that the dayis coming when every worker shall go home from work happy in what he has done, with the least amount of unnecessary fatigue, and prepared to go back in perfect condition on the morrow. How soon this much desired time will arrivé depends upon the co-operation of the public, upon the public sentiment that can be aroused.

To waste time and to suffer from unnecessary fatigue simultaneously can be excused only by ignorance.

There is no reader of this book who does not belong to at least two groups that should be interested in fatigue elimination. Deelde at once, then, in which group you belong, and set to work. Be you teacher, manager, worker, or simply a member of the great public to which we all belong, begin to work for fatigue elimination, and begin now.

The good in your life consists of the quantity of „Happiness Minutes" that you have created or caused. Increase your own record by eliminating unnecessary fatigue of the workers.