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presidential college must be absolutely independent from every individual State and therefore a member of the Conference elected as such, must cease to represent his State. To take part in the conference those Governments are invited who were represented at the Peace-Conference.J) These appoint so many members as, within certain limit, they may think convenient, but at their own expense, and in special cases they may give them experts as assistants. If more members are appointed one of them has to be designated as first member. The sole, respectively the first representatives have to live at the seat of the council or so near it that the Presidency can convocate a general meeting within a couple of days at the very most. Plenary conferences for definitive discussion meet as is usual for the Peace-Conferences, as far as material is prepared, also by publication, for final decisions. Here it may be remenbered once more, that voting only takes place to give an easy and clear survey of the final instructions of the governments not to bind minorities. Treaties are becoming binding by ratification (Recueil, III, p. 54-55).

Generally speaking my project differs from what is projected under the head machinery of the league (this head may be of the Times) in the first 6 articles only about the ambiguous Executive Council which is really more than its name indicates. This council, though by its name the mandatary of the Body of Delegates would quite efface its Superior, if claimants had not the power put on the foreground by Wilson to pass the Executive. Perhaps here is a matter ofcompromise between conflicting views among the parties to the treaty. But reconsidering the stipulations they will surely recognize that by attributing the final decisions to a majority of the Body of delegates but without clear provisions how far

l) This was published in 1917. Admission to the coming Peace-treaties will ot course also open the door of the Leagues-Council.