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ttorc Executive Council is obliged to their execution, the matter is hopelessly confused. :>>

Lord Robert Cecil asked one of these days that critics might not only criticize but show the better way. Complying to his wish my propositions are the folio wing:

ie. Make a separate treaty for the organization of the Body of Delegates. Organize it as a moral power only, according to the high sentiments and visions of President


2e. Leave out of this treaty every appeal upon physical force now standing on the background as Wilson says, and trust that the moral power will be sufficiƫnt either for one party to withdraw its claim or for the other to submit to it. Do not try to get a judgment about such claims and execution of such a judgment.

3e. Let the present Executive Council and its onesided organization in art. 3 disappear from this constitutive treaty of the League of Nations and let it give place to a Presidency or presidential College for the leading of the work and discussions of the Body of Delegates. As the sole object is to organize the election of some of the most prominent men from a body of 4 or 5 dozen ot men of high standing it does not seem difficult to agree on this point. Otherwise its own constitution may be left to the Body of Delegates itself.

In doing so you will be sure of success, while every attempt to make this League subservient to the temporary interests of the Entente will change materially its object and divide the world more than ever. What the treaty contains besides the organization of the League may find a place in the peace-treaties with the States to