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2. And I your wyll for to fulfyll

In this will not refuse; Trusting to shewe, in wordes fewe,

That men have an ill use — To theyr own shame — women to blame,

And causeless them accuse; Therfore to you I answere now,

All women to excuse, Myne own heart dere, with you what chear?

I pray you teil anon; For in my minde, off all mankinde

I love but you alone.

H e.

It standeth so; a dede is do Whereof great harme shall grow:

My destiny is for to dy A shameful death, I trow; Or else to flee; the one must be,

None other way I know; But to withdraw as an outlaw,

And take me to my bow. Wherefore, adieu, my own' heart true!

None other rede I can: For I must to the greene wood go

Alone, a banyshed man.


0 Lord, what is this worldes bliss, That changeth as the moone! My summers day in lusty May Is darked before the noone.

1 hear you say: farewell! Nay, nay, We dèpart not so soone.

Why say ye so? whether will ye go?

Alas! what have ye done? All my wellfare to sorrow and care Should change, if ye were gone; For in my minde of all mankinde

I love but you alone.