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For an outlawe this is the lawe: That men hym take and binde, Without pity hanged to be

And waver with the winde. If I had need (as God forbede!)

What rescue could ye finde? Forsooth, I trow, ye and your bow

For fear would draw behinde: And no mervayle, for littel avayle

Were in your council than; Wherefore I will to the grene wode go

Alone a banyshed man.


Right well know ye, that women be

But feeble for to flght; No womanhede it is indede

To be bolde as a knight. Yet, in such fear if that ye were,

With enemys day .or nyght, I would withstande with bow in bande

To grieve them as I myght And you to save, as women have

From death men many one; For in my minde of all mankinde

I love but you alone.


c. Geestelijke Liederen. 8. Kerstlied.

1. Wildi horen singen Enen sueten sanc. Van Jesus, die ic geerne sange, Al wortet lanc,