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of our neighbours have feit deep resentment against us on this score! But convinced though we may be that the execution of this great criminal has every moral sanction, yet, there is no law in Holland by which he could be convicted; if he is extradited it will be extralegally. Had the Kaiser fled by aeroplane and landed in England, our own authorities would have been gravely embarrassed as to a proper course of action.

But as in this so in other matters Holland's role during the war has been most literally — between the devil and the deep sea. The mines of both Germans and Allies have been found within Dutch territorial waters: the Germans have torpedoed Dutch fishing boats and the Allies have „borrowed" Dutch mercantile shipping; while on the Limburg Railway question Holland has stood between a year long cross-fire of protest notes. Of the Devil they expected devilishness, but from those whose pride it is to sail the deep they expected the voice of sympathy, — for the Dutch too are of those that go down to the sea in ships.

And here, immediately to hand, is a most practical reason for our sustainment of Dutch sympathy. If the League of Nations is to be a real task for British statesmen, it will be well for them to work hand in hand with Holland. No matter how good may be the acting relationship between ourselves and France or America, yet there is no nation, save the Dutch, that will approach the problem of a League of Nations from a point of view so similar to our own. Like ourselves, the origin and seat of their nation is in Western Europe — their Colonies lie far across the seas. Like ourselves, their national activities are most vitally and most substantially connected with shipping. With ourselves, they are one of the two free-trade nations; like ourselves, the real and essential freedom of the seas is the fundamental of the problem ; like ourselves, their interpretation of that freedom must lie in the ready and obvious facts;