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it would not be easy to over-state the effect upon the German mind : from Raemaekers the Hun knew himself as a criminal. The general attitude, style and tone of that paper reminded one very much of the London „Daily Mail". Some newspapers held a more purely Dutch point of view: the „Rotterdamsche Courant" and the „Algemeen Handelsblad" both expressed lively dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Allies in the matter of Dutch shipping; but both denounced the torpedoing of Dutch fishing boats, as dastardly acts of piracy; and if the early glitter of German military process hypnotised their military critics, yet writers in these two papers pointed out the duplicity of the German treaties with Russia and Roumania, and those writers spoke frankly of the danger of German autocracy towards the democracies of modern Europe. In general the Dutch press has a freedom like that enjoyed by our own press. Most of it was pro-Entente! practically all of it was anti-German.. The fact is that pro-Gerroan feeling exists only where special personal conditions prevail. If the Boer War destroyed some pro-English tendency, it did little to lessen the anti-German feeling; and it left untouched the strong sympathy for France, which is perhaps thestrongest link that unites Dutch feeling with the Entente. The pro-Germans are found amongst war profiteers, amongst the small section surrounding the Prince Consort, and amongst the higher army officers, many of whom made their military studies in Germany. The unpopularity of these three groups is however as undoubted as it is significant.

A second vista in Dutch national.life opened out from an apparently trivial social point: we found that the Dutch drank tea. Real tea : none of that more soda-than-whisky, and drunkin-a-glass concoction that belies its name in the Cafés of Berlin. And though the Englishman may drink „five o' clock" in many a Paris teashop, and suffer no less of self-respect, still „five o' clock" is none the less a foreign importation,