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III. Dutch Flanders and Limburg are integral parts


Now let us ask ourselves the following question: Are not Dutch Flanders and the mouth of the Scheldt together with south Limburg truly Dutch districts? The answer to this question cannot be in doubt. These districts could not be separated from the Kingdom of the Netherlands without doing violence to the integrity of its truly national territory or to the wishes of the inhabitants. These wishes have recently been expressed with unmistakable clearness, as soon as the idea of readjusting the frontiers had been suggested by the Belgians. Both in Dutch Flanders and in Limburg almost a hundred percent of the population took part in an energetic demonstration against the proposed separation from Holland.

1. Dutch Flanders.

Dutch Flanders has been Dutch territory since the end of the XVIth century. From the moment when the independent State of the Northern Netherlands was first constituted, the left bank of the Scheldt has formed part of it. When in 1585 Antwerp surrendered to the Spaniards, Dutch Flanders was at once occupied by the Hollanders, as the security of their entire territory depended on it. This state of affairs has never been