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We have accomplished the task we had set ourselves. We have, with regard to the Dutch-Belgian relations, on the one hand set forth Holland's rights and interests, and on the other her willingness to offer to Belgium as many facilities as possible. We have shown, moreover, that Holland has been the object of a good deal of unjustifiable distrust and a good many undeserved insinuations from the Belgian side. This must be changed: confidence, frankness and goodwill must be established in the relations between the two nations, in order that they may live in perfect harmony. These two countries should not be allowed to drift apart. A settlement, satisfactory to both, is the end to be kept in view. Ill-founded complaints should henceforth be banished from the discussions. The public opinion of the whole worfd, which it has been the object of this pamphlet to enlighten, should favour this aim.