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himself. And, by the way, we have separated State and Church. Here in France no God may mix in matters of State.

W i 1S O n (horrified, looks at Clemenceau and Iets go of the chair)

We in America do not acknowledge a State Religion, but that does not prevent us from treating courteously the Men of God.

Clemenceau. Alright, then I shall invite the Devil to our meetings, and for parity's sake you will have no objection..

Lloyd George. I shall ask the Bishop of London.

(Tojesus:) Excuse me. (Takes off the receiver.) Connect

me with London, Lambeth Falace .... Halloh .... Here Lloyd George .... Dear Bishop, Jesus is here and wishes to attend a meeting of our Council of Three. Orlando is in Rome ....

Wilson. What did the Bishop say?

Lloyd George (hangs up the receiver. To Jesus:) The Bishop is very anxious to see you as soon as possible. He is of the opinion that in so unusual a case the Church must have precedence before the State. He will immediately inform the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and will convene all the Bishops of the United Kingdom. He will be highly honoured to introducé your Holiness to the high reverend assembly. When do you intend to leave for London? I am sure, M. Clemenceau will have the kindness to put a special train at your disposal.

Clemenceau. Atanytime.Thequicker,thesooner.

Lloyd George (again takes off the receiver:) Connect

me with Lord Northcliffe, please.... Halloh .... Here Lloyd George.... Northcliffe, Jesus has