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come to Paris •.. Halloh .. . Halloh . .. Halloh ... We were disconnected .... Did you get it ?.... Wilson. What does he say?

Lloyd George. He had disconnected the line to talk to his representative in Paris. (To jesus:) The correspondent of the Daily Mail desires to have an interview with you as soon as you leave our conference.

Wilson (to Jesus:) May I ask you to excuse me a moment? (He kneels down and puts his ear to the floor.)

Clemenceau (amused). The devil, what are you

doing, Wilson? Wilson. I am listening to what the U. S. have to say. Lloyd George. He got that from his Indians.

Wilson (rises).

Clemenceau. Will you breathe the word, Mr. Wilson? What does America say?

Wilson. America places the George Washington at the disposal of the Lord to cross over to Boston and then to visit all the States. John Mott, manager. Ten thousend Camp Meetings guaranteed. Coüections for the Evangelization of the World in this Generation. M. Clemenceau, I am of the opinion that we should hear Jesus. It can hardly be in your interest to give the Republicans a chance to exploit so important a personality against us.

Clemenceau (looks at his wrist watch). I give him "10 minutes. Do you agree, Mr. Lloyd George?

Lloyd George. I opine that the English people is no less Christian than the American. We have listened to the Maharadja and to the son óf the