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Moreover the Bishop asks you to kindly receive no dissenters, least of all the Quakers.

Clemenceau presses a button.-

Servant enters.

Clemenceau. Disconnect our telephone. (Exit Servant.)

Clemenceau. Gentlemen, the meeting is opened. (To Jesus:) What gives us the pleasure of your presence ?

JeSUS (turns to Wilson:)

I hear that it is your intention to found the Kingdom of Peace on earth.

Wilson. Yes, Sir. I am happy to have been able to convince these two gentlemen that the Covenant of the League of Nations should be made the first article of the Peace Treaty with Germany. The Covenant is my idea. And I am proud of it that America has succeeded in the 20* century to realize what you failed in accomplishing in the fïrst. In England we are envied because we conceived the idea of the League of Nations, that guarantees the peace of all mankind.

Lloyd George. We do not envy, we contest your priority, Mr. Wilson. For it is evident that any peace is defined by the type of war it concludes. It is we that have defined the type of this war. You know the utterances of Mr. Balfour and Mr. Smuts as well as my own. The war we have carried on against the Germans is the war for justice, righteousness, and democracy against militarism, Junkerism, and autocracy, the war of light against darkness, the war against the