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Keep the Bank Holiday to sanctify it. Six days shalt thou labour and do business, but for the weekend thou shalt go to the country.

Honour thy native country that thy days may be long upon the lands that thou hast taken from others.

Thou shalt kill thine enemies.

Thou shalt starve their wives and children.

Thou shalt steal their business, customers, and patents.

Thou shalt falsely accuse thine enemies.

Thou shalt covet thine enemy's land, money, ships,

cables, colonies, missionary property or anything

that is his.

For I the Lord, thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of thine enemies upon their children unto the third and fourth generation and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep these commandments.

Jesus. Is such your Christian catechism?

Lloyd George. Have you a different one?

Jesus. That is the devil's catechism.

Lloyd George. Is that so? I shall ask the Bishop

of London (takes off the receiver).

Clemenceau. The telephone is disconnected.

Jesus (to Wilson:) And upon this law you intend to base the League of Nations and the Kingdom of Peace ?

Wilson. No, Sir. The foundation of the League of Nations are my 14 points, a trifle mixed with Lloyd George's 10 commandments. You must know, I am not the boss. M. Clemenceau does not want to listen to my League of Nations. Mr. Lloyd