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George insists upon his IO commandments. So we have arranged to pool the 14 points and the 10 commandments.

Jesus. And do you agree, M. Clemenceau?

Clemenceau. I agree that 10 and 14 make 24.

Lloyd George. Our 24 points are the Great Charter of the League of Nations. They are like the 24 elders that are seated round about the throne of the cherubim and we — like the four beasts upon whose wings thrones Eternal Peace, I the lion, the calf Orlando, the flying eagle Wilson, and the fourth beast that has a face as an 'homme libre' — Clemenceau.

Clemenceau. You are nutty, Lloyd George.

Lloyd George. Better I than you, or else you w,ill be 'enchainé'. The British lion nobody will chain, since we won the Holy War. All I have to do is to press the button and the blockade starts. Every day a thousand women and children! You would have to build some navy, Wilson, before you beat tbis record. The Turks tried to outdo us with their Armenians, but we beat them two to one.

Jesus. Do you know the fourth prayer, Mr. Lloyd George ?

Lloyd George. Give us this day our daily bread. Jesus. Who are the "us"?

Lloyd George. We, the English. Or do you believe the English people is so foolish as to ask the Lord that he give bread to our enemies? An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, a ton for a ton, and a cow for a cow.