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Jesus. But you say that you have fought the Holy War.

Lloyd George. And we are damn'd proud of it.

Jesus. So you are proud of being Moslems. The Djihad, the Holy War, is Mohammedan. And you profess that the sword is the weapon to promote and to maintain the Kingdom of God and in doing so to plunder the whole world.

Lloyd George. We went into the war for Belgium. As to ourselves we desire nothing.

Jesus. If you entered this war with clean hands, you should come out of the war with empty hands. But whatever your arguments, you believe in the Holy War, as the Moslems do. If I had wished to establish the Kingdom of Peace by means of a Holy War, the cross would have been spared me.

Wilson. Is there a precedence that Christians did not believe in the Holy War? I shall ask my expert about the principles of the first Christians.

(Sends out a note.)

Clemenceau. Never mind taking the trouble. Peoples that call themselves Christian could always be recognized by the fact that they "preached the cross" against somebody, be it Jew, Heathen, Moslem or Christian. "In hoe signo vinces" started it with Constantine. Then came our Clovis and Charlemagne. Then Popes, Kings, Emperors, Crusaders, Knight Templars, Conquistadores, and it is not so long that Catholics and Protestants vied with each other in burning heretics and witches. As you know, the cross is a Christian symbol, be