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Lloyd George. Not that I know. Wilson, were

you allied with the Czar? Wilson. Quit your jokes. I fought for democracy. Lloyd George. That's what Ithought. Clemenceau,

have you been allied with the Czar? Clemenceau. Why not?

Lloyd George. Aren't you ashamed to say that the Tiger of the Republic has allied himself with the Bear of Autocracy?

Clemenceau. The memory of the lion seems to be short.

Lloyd George. Not too short for me. I remember only that much, that when Wilson joined our war, I put a new record in my Victor. I used up the old one: "God will protect the Czar". Why not? The melody was not so different from our: "God save the King". Siöce then my phonograph plays only the Marseillaise, Tipperary, and "Over there". (To jesus:) But you have not told us what you want to do with the Socialists in Amsterdam. Even before the war I promised a beefsteak more every week to the workmen to be taken from the rich. The rich I let •the Huns feed. If you come across with two beefstéaks, who is to pay for them? You had better hand out to the Socialists Wilson's 14 points with my stuffing.

Wilson. Mr. Lloyd George, Honour! My 14 points are no beefstéaks.

Lloyd George. Your 14 points are caviar for the general. The workmen want beefstéaks, not points. Ask our guest. He too has been a working man.

(He turns around and notices that Jesus has disappeared.)