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in respect thereof, or the regulation of transport rates and services, in so far as they tend to the creation of monopolies or to the restraint of trade, and the Board of Trade shall for the purposes of this section utilise the powers of investigation and of appointing committees conferred upon them by this Act.

4. —The Board of Trade may, if they think fit, authorise 'ocal^0*^,4^, authorities, subject to such conditions as the Board may impose, to authorities to purchase and sell any article, or articles of any class, to which this trade. Act applies, and any local authority so authorised shall have all necessary powers for the purpose, but such conditions shall, as far as possible, insure that any local authority so purchasing and selling shall

proceed on a commercial basis and not by way of subsidy at the expense of the ratepayers.

5. —The proceedings before the Board of Trade or any committeè Pubiicity of or tribunal under this Act shall, unless in special cases the Board of P^amgs, Trade otherwise direct, be held in public, where such proceedings are founded on a complaint.

Save as aforesaid information and documents required to be given or produced to the Board of Trade or to a committeè or tribunal under this Act shall be treated as confidential, except in cases where the person giving or producing the same otherwise agrees, and in cases where legal proceedings are taken, for the purpose of such proceedings :

Provided that nothing herein shall be taken as preventing the Board or any committeè or tribunal from publishing their findings and decisions. Any investigation under this Act shall, for the purposes of the law relating to libel and slander, be deemed to be proceedings before a court exercising judicial authority.

6. —The powers of the Board of Trade under this Act shall, in Consuitation relation to articles of food or drink to which this Act applies, be c0„troUer. exercised jointly or in agreement with the Food Controller.

7. _(1) The expenses of any local committees established by local Expenses. authorities under this Act shall be defrayed by the local authorities

out of such fund or rate, and in such manner as may be directed by the Board of Trade; and any expenses of the Board of Trade under this Act to an amount not exeeding seventy-five thousand pounds, shall, subject to the approval of the Treasury, be paid out of moneys .provided by Parliament.

(2) Such expences may in either case include such payment to the chairmen and members of committees and tribunals, in respect of théif travelling expenses and loss of time as appears to the Board reasonable and is approved by the Treasury.