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THE NETHERLANDS COMMITTEE FOR INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC RELATIONS, founded in 1921, aims at promoting, facilitating and extending the intercourse between Dutch and foreign Universities or Colleges, by giving information to those who wish to study in Holland, and by encouraging Dutch subjects to study in other countries. It consists of representatives of all the Universities in Holland.

The address of its Bureau for the time being is 33 Wasstraat Leiden.

President: Prof. J. Huizinga — For the University of Leiden. Vice-President: Prof. G. A. F. Molengraaf/— For the Technical University at Delft.

Members: Prof. H. Zwaardemaker — For the University of Utrecht. Prof. J. F. van Bemmelen — For the University of Groningen. Prof. Ph. Kohnstamm — For the University of Amsterdam. Prof. R. H. Woltjer — For the Free University at Amsterdam. Prof. F. de Vries — For the Commercial University at Rotterdam. Prof. H. M. Kroon — For the Veterjnary University at Utrecht. Prof. J. C. Kielstra — For the Agricultural University at Wageningen. Secretarypro tem.:]. ]. L'. Duyvendak, Leiden, 33 Wasstraat.

Tiües of nobility and degrees have been omitted throughout this Guide-book, as the Dutch use of them conveys no meaning to foreigners. Most of the persons mentioned have a doctor's degree.