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extraordinair professors, special professors who are appointed by private institutions entitled to this, and lecturers. The equipment in the way of laboratories and other means of research is generally excellent. The attendance at the Dutch Universities being comparatively small, they give excellent opportunities to students for research and post-graduate work under the direct supervision of the professors.

FACULTIES AND SECTIONS The State Universities proper contain five faculties. Official publications use Dutch names for them, in common speech they are generally called by the universally known terms, viz.

» Godgeleerdheid « — Theology; »Rechtsgeleerdheid « — Law; «Geneeskunde*—Medicine; »Wis-en natuurkunde» —Natural philosophy(science); «Letteren en wijsbegeerte* — Letters.

The University of Amsterdam has besides these a faculty of commerce.

The Free University at Amsterdam has so far no Science faculty.

The Technical University at Delft has seven faculties or sections: General science, Civil engineering, Architecture, Mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, Electrical engineering, Chemical technology, and Mining. The Commercial, Veterinary and Agricultural Universities have no official subdivision into sections,

CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION AND EXAMINATION The ordinary courses of lectures are open to everybody at an annual fee of 200 guilders; after payment for four