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years the attendance is free, except at Amsterdam, where then an annual fee of 100 guilders is due. Persons not entering for examinations are allowed to follow one or two single courses at a fee of 3o guilders each.*) Admission to examinations in the Universities proper is given:

1. On a leaving certificate of a Latin school in Holland (Gymnasium), or of a Dutch High School (Hoogere Burgerschool). Particulars about the rights they confer are omitted here, as being of no importance to foreign students.

2. On one of the following certificates, specially recognized: A. In all faculties.

austria. »Maturitats Zeugnis« from a Gymnasium. British Empire. B.A., M. A. or D. A. degree of a University in Great Britain and in Ireland or one of the following: Adelaide, Allahabad, Bombay, Calcutta, Cape of Good Hope, Madras, Melbourne, Montreal, Punjab, Quebec, Sydney, Victoria University, Toronto, New Zealand, »Matriculation« Cape Town.

france. » Examen du baccalauréat ès lettres» before a »faculté des lettres*,

Germany. ïMaturitats Zeugnis« from a Gymnasium. luxembourg. > Examen de maturité des études Gymnasiales. «

norway. >Klassik examen artium« or equivalent. Sweden. >Propaedeutics«.

SwiTZERLAND. «Maturitats Zeugnis« group I and II, canton Berne.

United States. B. A. in one of the following Universities: Berkeley Cal., Cath. Univ. Washington D.C., Chicago 111., *) 20 gld. in the Commercial University at Rotterdam.