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Denmark. »Afgangsexamen« on the mathematical side. germany. »Reife« or »Maturitats Zeugnis* from a Gymnasium, Realgymnasium or Oberrealschule. roumania. Final examination in the modern division of a lyceum.

Switzerland. «Epreuve du baccalauréat section c« of the classical gymnasium Lausanne.

«Epreuve du baccalauréat ès lettres* of the «gymnase des jeunes filles Derrière Bourg« Lausanne. «Maturit&ts Zeugnis» of the cantonal «MaturitatsKommission« Ziirich, of those applicants who have beenexamined in Latin.

3. Exemption from one or more of the University-examinations may be granted to individual foreigners in possession of diplomas or degrees, by the Minister of Education on the advice of the senate and faculty concerned.

Persons who have acquired the right to practice medicine in its entirety on examination in certain foreign countries are admitted to the »theoretical medical* (equivalent to «doctoral*) and subsequent examination (not to the «promotion* unless they have passed the University examinations proper) on presenting the following certificates or degrees:

Austria «Doctor der gesamten Heilkunde.*

belgium «Docteur en médecine, chirurgie et accouche-


France «Docteur en médecine.*

Germany «Approbation als Arzt.«

great Britain Medical register.

HüNGARY «Doctor der Universellen Heilkunde.*

Ireland Medical register.