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Germany s. Austria.

Poland Gymnasium Wojcieck Gorski Warsaw. russia High School Tenicheff Petrograd. Switzerland Entrance to Ecole polytechnique fédérale Zürich and equivalent diplomas in Switzerland. Commercial, Veterinary and Agricultural Universities.

All the exemptions which are valid for the Universities proper and the Technical Universities also hold here.


The >Academical statute< so called of 1921 has fundamentally altered the studies at the Universities, regulated till then by the statute of 1877, in accordance with the Laws of 1876, 1905, 1920 and 1921. In each of the faculties the curriculum is divided as follows:

1. Candidate-examination. In the Faculty of Theology it is preceded by a preliminary examination, called Propaedeutical. In the Faculty of Medicine the candidate-examination is passed in two parts. The Faculties of Theology and Medicine have only one programme for the candidate-examinatiort, viz:

Theology: general history of religions, ethics, scriptural exegesis, israelitic and old christian literature, history of christianity. *)


First part: physics, chemistry, biology;

Second part: anatomy, physiology, genera) pathology.

*) Slightly different in the Free University.