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above on page 12, under 3, but in that case they do not acquire a right to exercise a profession in the Netherlands. Dutch students sometimes content themselves with the Doctoral Examination.


A. Civil service and law courts in the DutchI n d i e s. Examinations passed before the combined Faculties of Law and Letters: a. Juridical. b. Linguistic. c. Economie. Practically only at Leiden. Particulars omitted here.

B. Dental surgery. Entrance examination identical with that of the Universities. Theoretical examination, with exemptions in certain subjects for candidates in medicine. Practical examination. The teaching of dental subjects is confined to the Dental Institute of the University of Utrecht.

C. Pharmacy. In the Faculties of Science.

D. Geography. Combined Faculties of Science and Letters: a. Physical geography. b. Sócial geography. c. Free study on the basis of any candidate examination in the Faculty of letters, or in geography. Practically only at Utrecht and Amsterdam.


In all the special Universities, except the Commercial University at Rotterdam, the curriculum is divided into three parts, each part being followed by an examination, viz. by the Propaedeutical Examination passed in three parts, the Candidate Examination and a Technical Examination respectively. The last gives the rights connected with the title of Engineer, Agricultural Engineer or Veterinary Surgeon. A doctor's degree may be added by presenting and defending a dissertation with theses.