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History of veterinary science, Vacciriation and Serology, Clinique of domestic animals, Operative praxis of domestic animals, Pathological anatomy of domestic animals (practical), Parasitical and infectious diseases of domestic animals (practical); Human food-stuffs of animal origin (practical), Pharmacy (practical). C. AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Five departments or branches to which correspond five different diplomas of Agricultural engineering, viz.:

1. AgricultüRE : a. Plant cultivation, b. Dairying, c. Cattlebreeding, d. Agricultural economics (diploma L).

2. colonial agricultüre: a. Plant cultivation, b. Cattlebreeding, c. Agricultural economics (diploma KL).

3. horticulture (diploma T)..

4. forestry: a. Scientific study of forestry, b. Economics of forestry (diploma B).

5. colonial forestry: a. Scientific study of forestry, b. Economics of forestry (diploma KB). Propaedeutic examination, uniform for all branches: First part: a. analytical geometry and differential calculus, b. applied mechanics and machinery, c. physics, d. inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry^/. mineralogy and petrography, ƒ. plant morphology and physiology. Second part: a. integral calculus, b. hydraulics, c. meteorology, d. organic chemistry, e. geology. f. plant-biology, g. political economy.

for diploma l: Candidate Examination:

First part: a. plant-culture, b. phytopathology, c. chemistry of soils, d. agrogeology, e. cattle-breeding, ƒ. agrarian law, g. land-husbandry, h. cultivation and irrigation, i. calculus