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ivation of wild ground, c. forest husbandry, d. two optional subjects. II. a. forest husbandry, b. general and special land-husbandry, c. agrarian law, d. optional subject. for diploma KB: Candidate Examination:

First part. a. timber-culture. b. phytopathology, c. chemistry of soils, d. agrogeology, e. agrarian law, / civic architecture, g. surveying and levelling, h. timber-measuremeht, i. forest profits-calculation, j. calculus of probability, k. plant-anatomy, /. systematic botany, plant-geography and tropical tree-flora.

Second part. a. timber-culture and forest-preservation, b. economics of forestry and transport, c. forest-management, d.phytopathology,*. agrogeology, / agrarian law,g. roads, bridges, etc, h. civic architecture, /. systematic botany, plant-geography and tropical tree-flora. * Engineers Examination:

a. forest-husbandry, b. jbrest-management, c. either of the following groups: I timber-culture, Indian tree-flora, II agrarian law and Indian penal law, ethnography of the Dutch East Indies, d. optional subject. Training for Surveyor. Courses given at the Agricultural University. Propaedeutic Examination as above. Surveyors Examination before a special commission.


First Examination («Examen in de handelseconomie») analogous to the Candidate Examination of the Universities proper:

Economics, Business organization, Law, Commercial geo-