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A complete list of scientific institutes in Holland is not aimed at here; all societies of a more special kind are omitted.


20. Koninklijke Bibliotheek = Royal Library, The Hague, Lange Voorhout (Direction, Administration, Manuscripts); Kazernestraat (Bureau, Reading-room). Director: P. C. Molhuysen.

The Royal Library is especially rich in works on history, literature, art and law.

21. Library of the Peace Palace. The Hague. Director: A. G. van Hamel.

22. Library of Teyler's Genootschap, see p. 29. (Academie publications, Science, Theology).

23. Library of Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, see p. 29 (Science).

24. Colonial Library. see p. 29. The Hague, 14 van Galenstraat.

25. Athenaeum Library at Deventer. Includes part of former University Library of Harderwijk.

26. Provincial Library of Friesland, Leeuwarden, includes Library of the former University of Franeker. In the same building: Buma Library (classical philology).

27. Provincial Library of Zeeland, Middelburg.

Municipal and church libraries, of which there are a great many, are not enumerated here.


The archives of Holland are in excellent order; the management is regulated by law of 1918.