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H. Windisch, — Ancient Christian literature, New Testament.

K. H. Roessingh, — General theology-, ethics. Extraordinary professor: A. Eekhof, — History of Calvinism. Special professors:

L. Knappert (appointed by the Dutch Reformed Church),

— History and doctrine of the Dutch Reformed Church.' H. M. van Nes (appointed by the Dutch Reformed Church),

— Dogmatics, missions, ecclesiastical law.

G. J. Heering (appointed by the Remonstrant Fraternity),

— History and doctrine of the Remonstrant Denomination'. Faculty of law

Ordinary professors:

W. van der Vlugt, — Encyclopaedia and philosophy of law.

C. van Vollenhoven, — Native law in the Malay Archipelago, Colonial law.

H. Krabbe, — Public law. A. J. Blok, — Penal law.

E. M. Meijers, — Civil law, Private international law. W. J. M. van Eysinga, — Law of nations. J. van Kan, — Roman law.

D. van Blom, — Political economy, statistics.

A. S. de Blécourt, — History of law, especially Dutch law.

G. André de la Porte, — Colonial law of the Dutch Indies. A. S. Oppenheim, — Commercial law, civil law procedure. Private lecturers:

H. Frijda, — Political economy.

E. Verviers, — Political economy.