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Faculty of natural philosophy (science) Ordinary professors:

K. Martin, — Mineralogy, geology, palaeontology, crystallography.

H. Kamerlingh Onnes, — Experimental physics, meteorology.

J. C. Kluyver, — Analysis, calculus, theory of functions, calculus of probabilities. J. M. Janse, — Botany.

F. A. H. Schreinemakers, — Inorganic chemistry.

J. P. Kuenen, — Experimental physics.

L. van Itallie, — Pharmacy, toxicology.

W. de Sitter, — Theoretical astronomy.

P. Ehrenfest, — Theoretical physics.

J. J. Blanksma, — Organic chemistry.

W. van der Woude, — Analytical and descriptive geo-

metry, theoretical mechanics.

P. N. van Kampen, — Zoology, comparative anatomy and physiology.

Extraordinary professors:

H. A. Lorentz, — Theoretical physics.

E. Hertzsprung, — Astronomy.

L. E. Goester, — Pharmacography, Galenic pharmacy. E. D. van Oort, — Zoology. Special professor:

A. Einstein *) (appointed by the University Fund Society), — Physics. 'Lecturers:

W. P. Jorissen, — Inorganic chemistry. J. W. C. Goethart, — Systematic botany.

*) Prof. Einstein who holds a professorship in Berlin spends some weeks at Leiden, about twice a year.