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J. Droste, — Mathematics for chemical students, theory of functions.

J. Woltjer, — Theoretical astronomy.

Private lecturers:

J. J. van Eek, — Food-stuffs.

G. J. de Groot, — Comparative anatomy.

Miss A. Grutterink, — Microchemistry.

A. D. Fokker, — Theoretical physics.

A. L. W. E. van der Veen,— Crystallography.

F. W. T. Hunger, — History of biology. A. Korevaar, — Chemical technology. Miss A. Prins, — Analytical chemistry. Faculty of letters

Or dinary professors:

P. J. Blok, — History of the Netherlands.

G. J. P. J. Bolland f, — Philosophy, logic, metaphysics, ethics, psychology (vacant).

C. C. Uhlenbeck, — Gothic, Anglo-saxon and other Germanic languages, Comparative linguistics. G. Kalff, — Dutch literature.

A. W. Nieuwenhuis, — Ethnography of the Malay Archipelago.

C. Snouck Hurgronje, — Arabic. A. J. Wensinck, — Hebrew, Israelitic antiquities. N. van Wijk, — Slavonic and Baltic languages. J. Vürtheim, — Greek.

J. Ph. Vogel, — Sanskrit, Indian archaeology. J. Huizinga, — General history. J. W. Muller, — Dutch language. M. W. de Visser, — Japanese.

G. J. Thierry, — Languages and history of Babylonia and Assyria.