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H. T. Colenbrander, — Colonial history. G. A. J. Hazeu, — Javanese. Ph. S. van Ronkel, — Malay. F. Muller, — Latin.

A. W. Byvanck, — Classical Archaeology, Ancient history.

Extraordinary professors :

D. C. Hesseling, — Modern Greek.

W. Martin, — History of Art.

S. G. de Vries, — Mediaeval Palaeography.

N. J. Krom, — Archaeology of the Malay Archipelago.

Special professor :

R. Casimir (appointed by the »Dutch Lyceum« society), — Education.


P. A. A. Boeser, —. Egyptology.

J. H. Holwerda, — Prehistorie and Roman Archaeology. J. M. N. Kapteyn, — German. J. J. L. Duyvendak, — Chinese.

C. de Boer, — Romance languages. J. Th. Kramers, — Persian, Turkish. Private lecturers:

D. G. Jelgersma, — History of philosophy.

K. H. E. de Jong, — Later Roman philosophy.

Miss C. Serrurier, — French literature of modern times.

L. Polak, — German.

J. L. Walch, — History of the stage and drama. A. G. van Hamel, — Celtic languages. Assistant lecturers: Baginda Dahlan Abdullah, — Malay.