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Mas Samsi Sastrawidagda, — Javanese.

Yeh Feng-Yin, alias Yap Hong-yin, — Chinese.

T. Watanabe, — Japanese.


R. Guarnieri, — Italian.

UNIVERSITY INSTITUTIONS AND COLLECTIONS University Library, 70-74 Rapenburg. Librarian: Prof. S. G. de Vries.

History: P. C. Molhuysen, Geschiedenis der Universiteitsbibliotheek te Leiden.

TheLibrary, founded soon after 1575,_contains over775,ooo vols. Among the manuscript-collecti'ons the codices Vossiani and Scaligeriani are especially famous. The section of Oriental MSS. is called Legatum Warnerianum (after Levinus Warner, f 1665). The Library includes among others the collection of the Society of Dutch Literature (see p. 29) and is connected with the Bibliotheca Thysiana (after Johannes Thysius, f 1651). Special reading-rooms for Mathematics and physics (Leeskamer Bosscha), Law, Oriental philology, Theology, Classical philology, Dutch philology and comparative literature, Linguistics and History. Print Room = Prentenkabinet, 71 Rapenburg. Director: Prof. S. G. de Vries. Conservator: J. J. de Gelder.

Antiquarian Museum — Museum van Oudheden,

28 Rapenburg.

Director:}. H. Holwerda.

Assistant-Director: P. A/A. Boeser.

The Museum was founded in 1818. The Egyptian, the

Classical and the Prehistorie, Roman and Germanic col-

lections are specially to be noted.