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Ethnographical Museum, 67/69 Rapenburg. Director: H. H. Juynboll.

The main buildings contain the collections from Southern Asia and the Far East. The Dutch Indian collection is housed 108 Hoogewoerd, the American, African, Australian, New.Zealand and South Seacollections 18 Breestraat. Natural History Museum, 2a Raamsteeg. Director: Prof. E. D. van Oort. Publication: Zoölogische mededeelingen. Geological-mineralogical Museum, ie Garenmarkt. Director: Prof. K. Martin.

Publication: Sammlungen des geologischen Reichsmuseums in Leiden (contributions in 'other languages allowed). .Herbarium, 1 Nonnensteeg. Director: J. W. L. Goethart.

Publication: Mededeelingen van 's Rijks herbarium.

Hortus Botanicus, 73a Rapenburg.

Director: Prof. J. M. Janse.

Botanical laboratory, 3 Nonnensteeg.

Director: Prof. J. M. Janse.

Zoölogical laboratory, t,Ja Kaiserstraat.

Director: Prof. P. N. van Kampen.

Observatory, 57 Kaiserstraat.

Director: Prof. W. de Sitter.

Assistant-Directors: Prof. E. Hertzsprung, Prof. J. C. Kapteyn.

Publication: Annalen van de sterrewacht te Leiden. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands (conjointly with the other Dutch Astronomical Institutes). Physical Laboratory, Steenschuur. Director: Prof. H. Kamerlingh Onnes.