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Includes the Cryogenic laboratory for low temperat ures.

Publication: Communications from the physical laboratory Leiden.

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, 27 Hugo de Grootstraat.

Director: Prof. F. A. H. Schreinemakers. Organic Chemistry Laboratory, 25 Hugo de Grootstraat.

Director: Prof. J. J. Blanksma.

Pharmaceutical Laboratory, 32 Hugo de Grootstraat. Director: Prof. L. van Itallie.

Pharmaco-therapeutical Institute, 22 Rapenburg. Director: Prof. W. Storm van Leeuwen. Boerhaave Laboratory, 34 Boerhaavestraat, consis-' ting of:

1. Laboratory for general pathology and pathological anatomy.

Director: Prof. N. Ph. Tendeloo.

2. Laboratory for hygiëne, bacteriology and medical police.

Director: Prof. R. P. van Calcar.

Laboratory for comparative pathology, '22 Boerhaavestraat.

Director: Prof. D. A. de Jong.

Physiological Laboratory, 18a Zonneveldstraat. Director: Prof. W. Einthoven.

Publication : Onderzoekingen gedaan in het Physiologisch Laboratorium. {Researches carried ont in the Physiological Laboratory), two series, 1869—1922. Anatomical Laboratory, Zonneveldstraat. Director: Prof. J. A. J. Barge.