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Academie Cliniques, Hospital, 33 Boerhaavestraat.

a. Medicine, — Prof. W. Nolen.

b. Surgery, — Prof. J. H. Zaaijer.

c. Dermatology, — J. H. P. van Kerckhoff.

d. Obstetrics and gynaecology, — Prof. P. C. T. van der Hoeven.

e. Ophthalmology, — Prof. J. van der Hoeve.

f. Aural surgery, Rhinology, Laryngology, — Prof. P. Th. L. Kan.

g. Pharmaco-therapeutical Policlinique, — Prof. W. Storm van Leeuwen.

h. Apothecary's departrhent, — G. F. A. ten Bosch.

i. Diseases of children, — E. Gorter, 21 Boerhaavestraat. ;. Dermatological clinique and Laboratory, —J. H. P. van Kerckhoff, 6a Stationsweg.

k. Psychiatrie and neurological cliniques, — Prof. G. Jelgersma, Oegstgeest, Asylum.


Leiden University-Fund Society. For the promotion and support of scientific interests in the widest sense.

Secretary: Prof. K. H. Roessingh.

Society for scientific lectures. Invites distinguished scholars and scientists, chiefly from abroad, to lecture in the University.

Secretary: Prof. L. van Itallie.

S. J. Visser-Fund. For promoting the study of international private law and law of nations, by issuing prizeessays for international competition, and by organizing

*) Only those are mentioned which may be of interest to foreign students.